Soft Water


Water tapThe purest and “softest water” is the vapour found in clouds.  Then, falling as rain or snow, water flows over and seeps into the earth, absorbing calcium, magnesium, iron and chloride salts, as it make its way to our wells and reservoirs.  This mineral content is what makes water “HARD”.  As water flows through a water softener, the calcium and magnesium are removed by an ion exchange process and its once again as “SOFT” as its original form.


If you’re not sure about the quality of your water, Bob will be happy to analyze a sample of your water and make the appropriate recommendations at no charge and with no obligations to you.


Look your best with soft water, dryness and itchiness give way to soft, supple skin and hair becomes shiny and silky.  Even shaving is softer and smoother.

Cleaner, Softer Clothes in hard water, abrasive minerals and undissolved detergents cling to and mat fabrics, leaving them rough and dingy.  Soft water is gentler on fabrics and natural fibres, clothes rinse cleaner and brighter, free of soap and mineral residue.

Save Hard Cash.  Soft water actually saves your money because you’ll be able to eliminate many cleaning agents and detergents… and you’ll use dramatically less soap and shampoo to create a soft sudsy later.  Without scale build-up, your water heater will use to 29% less energy. 

Protect Your Valuable Investments  As hard water is heated, minerals precipitate forming a scale that damages appliances.  Soft water will protect your dishwasher, washing machine, water-heater, kettle, coffee make and plumbing.

Less Work, More Sparkle without abrasive minerals and “soup curd” you’ll enjoy spot free glasses, cutlery and dishes, and you’ll have glistening tubs, shower doors, sinks and fixtures with a lot less work.

Reasons for a water softener